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Archer Mayor | Mystery Writer
Archer Mayor – Mystery Writer/Death Investigator. A former detective, EMT, firefighter, and ski patroller, Archer Mayor is currently a death investigator for Vermont’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. He loosely bases his highly acclaimed crime series, featuring detective Joe Gunther, on field experience. ...

Mystery fiction - Wikipedia
Mystery is a fiction genre where the nature of an event, usually a murder or other crime, remains mysterious until the end of the story. Often within a closed circle of suspects, each suspect is usually provided with a credible motive and a reasonable opportunity for committing the crime.

Laurie R. King - Author
Laurie R. King is the New York Times bestselling author of 27 novels and other works, including the Mary Russell-Sherlock Holmes stories. She is probably the only writer to have both an Edgar and an honorary doctorate in theology.

Dianne Freeman | Historical Mystery Writer
This is the home page's excerpt. Here’s the latest! A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder. In Dianne Freeman’s charming Victorian-era mystery series, Frances Wynn, the American-born Countess of Harleigh, finds her sister’s wedding threatened by a vow of vengeance.

A Mystery Writer’s Ode to Bookstore Romances – The Passive ...
A Mystery Writer’s Ode to Bookstore Romances. September 29, 2021 by PG. From CrimeReads: Let’s face it, all readers have the same dream—to own a bookstore! Ah, the images it conjures. Spending our days with books, reveling in the aromas of paper and ink, tingling with anticipation when we think of the fictional worlds waiting for us ...

Rep Talk: Looking for a mystery writer - NZ Herald
Rep Talk: Looking for a mystery writer 21 Sep, 2021 04:00 PM 2 minutes to read Nadine Rayner wants to know who wrote The Ruin of a Good Man: The Story of Charles Mackay.

When the World’s Most Famous Mystery Writer Vanished - The ...
When the World’s Most Famous Mystery Writer Vanished On a cold December night in 1926, Agatha Christie went out in her beloved Morris Cowley roadster and didn’t return home for 11 days. Here ...

Louise Penny & Hillary Rodham Clinton, co-authors - CBS News
Bestselling mystery writer Louise Penny and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton forged a friendship having experienced loss – Penny, of her husband; Clinton, of an ...

Crime fiction - Wikipedia
Crime fiction, detective story, murder mystery, mystery novel, and police novel are terms used to describe narratives that centre on criminal acts and especially on the investigation, either by an amateur or a professional detective, of a serious crime, generally a murder. It is usually distinguished from mainstream fiction and other genres such as historical fiction or science fiction, but ...
Michael is the bestselling author of thirty-three novels. Over seventy-four million copies of his books have been sold worldwide. He is also the executive producer of Bosch, an Amazon Studios original based on his bestselling character Harry Bosch.








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