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CentralNic acquires mystery websites for $6.5 million ...
CentralNic acquires website network but doesn’t say much about it. CentralNic (AIM: CNIC) announced today that it is acquiring a network of revenue-generating websites for $6.5 million. The company said it was already monetizing about half the websites’ traffic. The sites should generate at least $2.0 million in revenue per year and $ 1.5 million […]

The 8 Best Websites for Virtual Murder Mystery Games
If you want your sleuthing experience to be more interactive, you can’t go wrong with The Murder Mystery Co. It organizes two-hour Zoom events with actors in full costume and carefully planned crimes that incorporate the participants in different roles.

The Hidden Staircase Mystery Books
Some of the many features available on our family of mystery websites include those listed below. Additional information on a variety of mystery-themed subjects can be accessed by selecting links on the sidebar menu to the left. Look for new mysteries to read. Lists of new hardcover mystery titles and new paperback mysteries are updated every ...

10 Beautiful CSS Text Effects - CSS Reset - CSSDeck
This is a very small code that gives a “knife sliced” effect on the text, written by Robert Messerle. It is good for using in games or mystery websites. 4. Animation Text. This is also a short code that allows animation to be added to text. It allows designers to create a number of effects in even a short sentence. 5. Background Clip Text








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