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How To Keep Up With New Release Mystery Books and Thrillers  Book Riot

Just like in television, we might be in the golden age of new release mystery books and thrillers. There are so many to look forward to this summer, and as the ...

10 of the Best Detectives from Recent Crime Novels  Book Riot

Pick up one of these 10 great crime novels featuring the best recent detectives in literature, and then sit back and watch them do their stuff.

6 Classic Books to Read (Or Reread!) If You Love Locked Room Mysteries  Book Riot

With this trope making a comeback, mystery lovers may want to read or revisit these classic locked room mysteries that helped make the premise so popular.

'Lady In The Lake' And 'The Turn Of The Key' Live Up To Their Lofty Titles  NPR

Laura Lippman's Lady in the Lake recollects Raymond Chandler's fourth Philip Marlowe novel and Ruth Ware's The Turn of the Key recalls Henry James' The ...

15 YA mystery books like 'Veronica Mars' to read after watching season 4  Hypable

We've compiled a list of YA mystery books like Veronica Mars that are perfect post-binge reads. Don't miss out on these mystery thrillers!

Book provides possible clue to the Taunton mystery stamp  Linn's Stamp News

Figure 1. Look at the upper right corners of the two Fourth Bureau Issue 2¢ George Washington definitive stamps shown here. On the stamp on the left, the “o” is ...

Abington native releases third killer mystery book - News  Wicked Local

Former Abington resident P.K. Norton released “Deep Secrets,” her third novel in the Amy Lynch mystery series, on Aug. 1.The book follows Lynch, an insurance ...

Book review | Latest Bell Elkins mystery a hard-hitting thriller  The Columbus Dispatch

Julia Keller's thrillers set in her native West Virginia never shy away from the region's toughest problems.The Bell Elkins series, which began in 2012 with “A ...

Reading recommendations: Mystery, nonfiction and books for kids from Minnesota writers  St. Paul Pioneer Press

Today we offer a debut mystery, some non-fiction and a couple books for the kids, all from Minnesota writers. “Murder in Plane Sight” by Julie Holmes (Camel ...

The Expanse Theory: [SPOILER] Is Season 4's Mystery Book Character  Screen Rant

Michio Pa's arc in The Expanse book series has been taken by other characters on TV, but could Pa finally be set to appear in The Expanse season 4?

T. Jefferson Parker's mystery 'The Last Good Guy' stands out  Los Angeles Times

"The Last Good Guy," the new thriller from three-time Edgar Award winner and bestseller T. Jefferson Parker, is set in San Diego County.

Author Laura Lippman on Baltimore, mystery writing, and Edgar Allan Poe.  Slate

Author Laura Lippman on Baltimore, mystery writing, and Edgar Allan Poe.

When Celebs Want Rare Books, This Is Where They Go  LA Magazine

In Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Sharon Tate (played by Margot Robbie) visits a rare book dealer in Westwood Village to pick up a first ...

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