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        Latest "Horror" News 


The 20 Best Horror Movies of the 1990s  Film School Rejects

This is part of our 90s Week series. Read more here. The 1990s are widely regarded as one of the worst decades for horror movies, but that doesn't mean it was ...

Ready or Not review – scrappy comedy horror is all bark and no bite  The Guardian

A tantalising setup, which sees a newlywed playing a deadly game of hide and seek, falls apart in a film that's neither funny or scary enough to work.

Summer Chills: A Horror Fan’s Guide to What to Watch Right Now  The New York Times

Summer holds a special place in the hearts of horror movie fans. Maybe it's because summer camp is basically a genre, and it looks something like this: Heat ...

‘The Terror: Infamy’ Uses Japanese Ghost Stories Like ‘Get Out’ Uses Horror to Reflect America  IndieWire

A mini primer to yurei, bakemono, and more in relation to the AMC series' depiction of Japanese American internment.

New Netflix Ghost Movie Eerie Has Viewers 'Sleeping with the Lights On': 'Really Good Horror'

Eerie follows as a clairvoyant guidance counselor relies on the ghost of a little girl to uncover abuse at a convent.

21 Movies To Watch If You Want To Watch A Horror Movie But You're Also Scared Of Everything  BuzzFeed

We asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which no-so-scary movies are perfect for scaredy cats who want to enjoy horror films. Here are ...

Underwater: Claustrophobic Horror Movie Gets Star-Studded First Trailer  CBR - Comic Book Resources

Fox has dropped the first claustrophobic trailer for its horror-thriller Underwater, which will pit Kristen Stewart against sea monsters at the bottom of the ocean.

Now Scream This: 10 Great Horror Movies Streaming Right Now  /FILM

In this edition of Now Scream This, we take a look at ten more great horror movies streaming right now, including a few amazing sequels.

The Killer Comes to the Campfire in New American Horror Story: 1984 Teaser

It may not be camp without a campfire and scary campfire stories, but when it's American Horror Story: 1984's Camp Redwood, those scary stories may end up ...

Ranked: The best horror movies this year (including 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark')  USA TODAY

Plenty of cool horror films have hit screens this year, including the new 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.' Here are 2019's best so far, ranked.

Will Quentin Tarantino Return to Horror for His 10th and Final Film?  Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Quentin Tarantino is known for creating epic films of wildly different genres. From gangster films and westerns to World War II epics, Tarantino has done it all.

The Best Horror Movie of 1943: I Walked With a Zombie :: Movies :: Features :: horror movies :: Paste  Paste Magazine

This post is part of Paste's Century of Terror project, a countdown of the 100 best horror films of the last 100 years, culminating on Halloween. You can see the ...

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix to Stream Right Now  TIME

See TIME's picks for the 10 best horror movies on Netflix, from the Sixth Sense to the original adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie.

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